1.  Too many apps can cause app binging

Having access to over two million that are available can lead to app binging, which can lead to some repercussions on your device(s) like excessive heat, becomes slow, horrible battery life, more than normal data activity.

2.  Craftsmanship (what makes an app worth of installation)

Things to take into consideration before downloading:

a.  Name – Is the name relevant and make sense with the app or its functions?

b.  App icon – Is it of good design as it represents the app on your device?

c.  Developer – Is the developer reputable?  have they created more than one app or are they new?  Do they list their contact info in their app summary?

d.  Screenshots – Do their screenshots “paint the picture” of the app and what it can do?

e.  Date last updated – Do the developers stay current?  Are they nurturing their product or did they app-fade and it hasn’t been updated in over a year?

f.   Reviews – Read the reviews, especially the newer ones that can give you insight on how the app is functioning for others currently

3.  What makes you uninstall an app?

a.  Not performing its function – The app doesn’t do what it says it should, 

b.  Poor performance – Is the app slow, slow your device, or crash?

c.  Questionable permission requests – Example (Why would a measuring app need location access?), check in the app’s summary as developers will sometimes address the reason these permissions are needed.

d.  Too many ads – Developers want to make money, especially on apps that are offered for free. Sometimes ads can hamper the apps functionality and make it unusable, including paid apps.

e.  Micro transactions – Constraining an app by limiting its features for $ can increase/decrease user frustration and revenue.  This is app specific and dependent on which features cost $.

f.  Complicated – The apps interface is hard to use, there is a lack of instructions or a tutorial

g.  Time – Sometimes even the simplest of apps take time to understand and learn their use.  You can then gain proficiency when you adapt the app into your life.